Not only a healthy mind. It is more about a great lifestyle.
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Are you healthy? What do you consider optimal health? To each person optimal health means something different. To me it is looking and feeling amazing both my body, mind and finances. When one of these areas is out of balance, it does affect the others. To each person optimal health means something different.


My name is Todd Angelucci registered nurse, nurse entrepreneur and certified health and wellness coach. As a nurse in both the clinical and business setting, I see how not taking care ourselves can lead poor health and overall dissatisfaction in life. I am passionate about helping others achieve their optimal health and life goals. I believe that optimal health is a sweet spot between healthy body, healthy mind and health finances. When one of those areas are out of balance it effects the other. My journey in nursing and the healthcare industry has allowed me to help other nurses find passion and joy in what they do. I have been inspired to help nurses find their passion and help make a difference in their career.

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